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Viking Longboat-Dice Box/Dice Jail/Dice Vault-Mythic Roll-Unchained Games

Viking Longboat-Dice Box/Dice Jail/Dice Vault-Mythic Roll-Unchained Games

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Viking Longboat - Dice Box/Dice Jail/Dice Vault - Mythic Roll by Unchained Games 🛡️🎲⚓

Sail into the heart of the great Norse epics with the Viking Longboat Dice Box from the renowned Mythic Roll Collection by Unchained Games. Every meticulous detail on this vessel speaks of ancient seafaring tales, of daring voyages through monstrous waves, and of legendary heroes that roamed the stormy northern seas.

Crafted to perfection, this dice box resembles the very longboats that once struck terror and awe into the hearts of those who beheld them. The dragon-headed prow, a symbol of power and protection, ensures that your dice remain guarded by the spirit of the mythical creature as they rest within.

From the intricately carved shields that line the sides to the authentic ship design, this box is not just a dice vault but a piece of history. It beckons to the times when chants of valor echoed, and runes held mystic power.

Trust your treasured dice to the Viking Longboat, and let them be cradled by the spirit of the ancient mariners. May your rolls be as fierce and unwavering as the Vikings of old! 🛡️🎲⚓.

*Any dice pictured are not included, they are for reference only.

*Please note that the rainbow PLA filament option may vary in color and it may not match the pictures above exactly*

*Please note: PLA filament has some limitations. PLA has a low melting point so it should not be left in an area that would be subject to high temperatures, such as a vehicle in the sun, as that may cause the plastic to soften and deform.

*Please note that some of the pictures contain hand painted dice towers and these are in limited quantities. The color options available are the actual colors of plastic filament used to create each product. If you want to purchase the hand painted item, you will need to select that option in the drop down menu assuming it's available/in stock.

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