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Sorcerer Fire Dice Tower-Fate's End

Sorcerer Fire Dice Tower-Fate's End

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Sorcerer Fire Dice Tower - Fate's End Collection at Blackwater Forge LLC 🎲🔥

Embrace the fiery passion of the arcane with the Sorcerer Fire Dice Tower, an exclusive masterpiece from the esteemed Fate's End Collection at Blackwater Forge LLC.

Every detail of this tower radiates with the blazing power of a sorcerer channeling their innermost energy. The ethereal flames sculpted onto its surface not only represent the burning zeal of a spellcaster but also serve as a beacon, illuminating the potential of every dice roll.

Handcrafted to perfection, the Sorcerer Fire Dice Tower ensures that each throw of the dice is infused with the dynamism and unpredictability of a sorcerer's spell. As the dice tumble through, they're engulfed by the essence of conjured flames, hinting at the untapped magic that lies within every game.

Whether you're weaving an intricate spell, battling formidable foes, or embarking on epic quests, let the Sorcerer Fire Dice Tower guide your fate, reminding you of the fierce and relentless spirit of the sorcerers from fantastical realms. 🔥🎲🔮.

*Dice tray is included with the purchase of a tower.

*Any dice pictured are not included, they are for reference only.

*Please note that the rainbow PLA filament option may vary in color and it may not match the pictures above exactly*

*Please note: Although PLA filament is a plastic that is biodegradable, there are some limitations. PLA has a low melting point so it should not be left in an area that would be subject to high temperatures, such as a vehicle in the sun, as that may cause the plastic to soften and deform.

*Please note that some of the pictures contain hand painted dice towers and these are in limited quantities. The color options available are the actual colors of plastic filament used to create each product. If you want to purchase the hand painted item, you will need to select that option in the drop down menu assuming it's available/in stock.

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