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Dragon-Blooded 3D Printed Mythic Mug Stein | Tabletop RPG Gaming Cosplay - Dungeons and Dragon DnD D&D Wargaming | Koozie Can Holder

Dragon-Blooded 3D Printed Mythic Mug Stein | Tabletop RPG Gaming Cosplay - Dungeons and Dragon DnD D&D Wargaming | Koozie Can Holder

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"Elevate Your Tabletop RPG Experience with the Dragon-Blooded 3D Printed Mythic Mug Stein! 🐲🎲🍺

Introducing the Dragon-Blooded 3D Printed Mythic Mug Stein: a majestic fusion of gaming gear and drinkware, designed to immerse you in the world of draconic might, fire-breathing fury, and epic adventure. 🌟πŸͺ™

🐲 Majestic Design: Elevate your gaming sessions with this meticulously crafted 3D printed mythic mug stein. It's not just a drink koozie; it's a symbol of the dragon-blooded's fiery heritage and the power of dragonkind.

🍺 Perfect for RPGs & More: Sip your favorite brew in dragonic style while unleashing spells, rolling dice, or facing formidable foes. This mug stein enhances your gaming and cosplay experiences.

πŸͺ™ Versatile Utility: Whether you're playing Dungeons and Dragons, wargaming, or cosplaying as a dragon-blooded hero, the Dragon-Blooded Mythic Mug Stein stands ready. It adds a touch of draconic grandeur to every gaming session.

🌟 Unique Aesthetic: Crafted with intricate details inspired by the might of dragons, it's a true masterpiece of mythical craftsmanship.

🎨 Choose Your Draconic Heritage: Select your preferred style and make this 3D printed Mythic Mug Stein uniquely yours. Let it reflect your connection to the world of dragon-blooded heroes and epic quests.

Embrace the power of dragons with the Dragon-Blooded Mythic Mug Steinβ€”a symbol of dragonic might and a tool for immersing yourself in tales of fire and adventure! 🐲🎲🍺 Explore the realm of tabletop RPG gaming today."

Experience the allure of this legendary dice vault/can holder, crafted among the stunning and intricately fashioned creations by Mythic Mugs from the workshop of Ars Moriendi 3D. Each of these dice containers draws inspiration from timeless RPG classes, mythical beings, formidable monsters, and diverse races, delving into realms of grand fantasy and futuristic marvels.

Mug measures 6" tall x 3" wide and 6" deep, including lid. It perfectly accommodates standard 7-piece polyhedral dice sets, with D20s measuring 20mm in diameter, functioning as a secure dice vault. Moreover, it snugly holds 16oz tall beverage cans with a diameter of 2.6 inches. By unscrewing the top, an inner chamber is unveiled, which closes tightly for safekeeping. This versatile vessel serves as an excellent dice container, dice-rolling accessory, or beverage can holder.

Diverse color options grace our selection for this multi-functional dice repository and can holder/cozie/koozie/container.


*Lids are ONLY included/available for the "Threaded" option. The lids will NOT fit on the non-threaded version.
* Lid version not designed to transport can while closed.
*All mugs will include a free insert for 12 oz. cans
*All mugs come UNPAINTED unless you select the "Hand Painted" option in the drop down menu, assuming it's in stock/available.
* Not food or liquid safe. Do not drink directly from the Mythic mugs.
* Sensitive to heat and sun exposure, not dishwasher safe.
* Not designed for hot drinks. PLA deforms when heat is applied.
* These ARE NOT designed for the consumption of liquids or beverages.
* The dice showcased in the images are not part of the offering.

Designed by the creative minds at Ars Moriendi 3D, Blackwater Forge LLC holds the official license for manufacturing and distributing the incredible designs of Ars Moriendi 3D.

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