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Mimic Dice Tower-Fate's End

Mimic Dice Tower-Fate's End

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Mimic Dice Tower - Fate's End Collection at Blackwater Forge LLC 🎲

Beware, adventurers, for not all is as it seems! Delve into the mysterious realm of tabletop gaming with the unique Mimic Dice Tower, part of the esteemed Fate's End Collection, exclusively available at Blackwater Forge LLC. This enigmatic entity, known to mimic a simple treasure chest in the game world, has been brought to life with exquisite craftsmanship, making every dice roll a moment of surprise and wonder.

Every intricate detail of this piece tells a tale of deception and allure. From the facade of an innocent chest to the gaping maw waiting to devour, the Mimic Dice Tower embodies the unpredictability and thrill of the game. It stands as a testament to the unpredictability of adventures and the dangers that might lurk in the most unexpected places.

Though this tower may not truly swallow your treasures, it promises to add a touch of enchantment and whimsy to your gaming experience. The meticulous design ensures smooth rolls while also serving as a captivating centerpiece for your game night.

As you send your dice tumbling through this fascinating creation, embrace the rich tapestry of storytelling that accompanies every session. For in the hands of a Dungeon Master, even the tools of the game can become legends in their own right. Let the Mimic Dice Tower guide your adventures to realms uncharted and challenges unforeseen. 🎲


*Dice tray is included with the purchase of a tower.

*Any dice pictured are not included, they are for reference only.

*Please note that the rainbow PLA filament option may vary in color and it may not match the pictures above exactly*

*Please note: Although PLA filament is a plastic that is biodegradable, there are some limitations. PLA has a low melting point so it should not be left in an area that would be subject to high temperatures, such as a vehicle in the sun, as that may cause the plastic to soften and deform.

*Please note that some of the pictures contain hand painted dice towers and these are in limited quantities. The color options available are the actual colors of plastic filament used to create each product. If you want to purchase the hand painted item, you will need to select that option in the drop down menu assuming it's available/in stock.

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